Late Harvest Shou Mei - White Tea



Translating to Long Life Eyebrow, this satisfying tea originating from feudal Fujian province, is so-named for the crescent shape of its naturally withered leaves.  More intense essences develop beneath a waxy cuticle on the upper leaves and tips, creating an aroma profile similar to aged white tea. Rich in vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants that help keep toxins at bay, a satisfying cup of this tea is said to aid in digestion and guard the heart. We drink it for an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Food Pairing

This golden-orange liquor pairs beautifully with earthy mushrooms, creamy cheeses and roasted meats. Wild honey and thyme on the nose, honeydew melon on the palette with a viscous, velvety mouth feel.


Rich in antioxidants, helps improve digestion and immune boosting.


Shou Mei white leaf tea.

Brewing Guide
  • 1tsp/250 ml
  • 70-80 degrees Celsius
  • 2-3 mins