Environmental Wellbeing

Many tea bag materials being used across the world are made up of nylon and polyethylene terephthalate bags, which are petroleum-based non-biodegradable plastics. They release concerning amounts of microparticles and nanoparticles into tea when brewed at high temperatures. The fact that they’re not biodegradable also makes them a serious pollutant in the environment. Tea bags usually contain tea “dust” which are small particles of low quality leaf tea, with generally less flavour.

Natural loose-leaf tea is made of premium quality whole leaves in their natural form. When you steep loose leaf tea, it has more surface area for the tea leaves to absorb water and expand as it infuses, releasing a higher concentration of health benefits and more depth of flavours. You can also steep loose-leaf tea multiple times (therefore using less tea) and produce a more complex taste. This is the True Tea Lovers preferred method.

Room To Brew

Most tea bags are packed tight, are made up of small tea particles, allowing little room for the tea to expand and release its flavor as it steeps. Loose leaf teas, when properly brewed, have room to expand in water and result in a aromatic and flavour filled cup. Because they’re made of higher quality tea leaves, loose leaf teas typically take slightly longer to brew than a tea bag, but what a great excuse to take time out and watch the leaves slowly unfurl to produce a delicious beverage!

Our Promise

We are proud that Buds & Beads Sparkling Tea and loose leaf teas are premium quality and are blended and packed in Australia, using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients from local and overseas growers.

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