Do you find that when you make a cup of green tea that it’s sometimes bitter and tastes a little like seaweed? We show you the simple steps to making a perfect cup of green tea, so you get the best flavours and maximum health benefits.

How to make green tea:

  1. Boil fresh water in a kettle or pot. It's recommended you use filtered water, as it can improve the taste of the tea. Hint: I like to tip a small amount of hot water in my teapot and cup for a minute to warm them up – don’t forget to discard the water before making your tea!
  1. While the water is heating up, prepare your tea leaves. We recommend 1 teaspoon per 250ml of water. We also highly recommend the use of loose-leaf green tea instead of low-quality tea bags.
  1. Once the water is boiled, let it cool down for a few minutes until the temperature reaches around 70-80°C (or add 50ml of cold water to 200ml of boiled water). This is the ideal temperature for green tea, as boiling water can make the tea taste bitter. If you love your tea, then it’s definitely worth investing in a variable temperature control kettle – I love mine!
  1. Place the tea leaves in your cup or teapot and pour the hot water over them. Remember to take in the aromas of your green tea as it gently brews.
  1. Let the tea brew (steep) for 1-2 minutes, depending on your preference, our high quality Organic Woojeon, Jasmine Pearls and Genmaicha green teas only need the maximum time suggested. Longer steeping times can result in a stronger, more bitter flavour, so adjust the time to your taste.
  1. Strain the tea leaves into your favourite cup and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of green tea.

It might seem like an overwhelming process on paper, but take time out for you, pause and be mindful that the steps to make the perfect cup of tea have been around for more than 5,000 years. Take in the aromas that fill the room when your green tea is brewing and enjoy the sense of wellbeing when you take your first and last sip.

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