African Summer - Herbal African Tea



It’s a centring experience to drink deeply of this warm-vanilla and woody-cinnamon bark caffeine-free infusion with a citrus finish. We can sense the call of Africa in the spiced-chocolate flavours of rooibos (red bush) grown in mountainous terrain on the Western Cape of South Africa and fermented to achieve its striking colour. For locals, it’s a refresher to stave off soaring temperatures in the heat of the day. We’ve amped up its exotic qualities with the addition of comforting cinnamon, tangy orange peel and aromatic star anise.

Food Pairing

Sweet earthiness and malty undertones with a hint of citrus. Pairs well with roast beef, chicken and blue-cheese, flaky pastries and rich chocolate desserts. An orange-red liquor, cinnamon-vanilla aromas and spiced-chocolate, apricot-caramel flavours with malty undertones and a citrus finish.


Rich in antioxidants, helps improve digestion and is uplifting.


This African tea includes Rooibos, cinnamon, orange peel & star anise.

Brewing Guide
  • 1tsp/250 ml
  • 95-100 degrees Celsius
  • 3-5 mins