Defence Tea - Herbal Tea



When we feel under the weather or in need of soothing, this caffeine-free Defence tea takes the edge off our malaise. It’s a delightful fusion of the freshness of lemongrass and tart hibiscus flower, with earthy loose leaf herbs and heart-warming spices that keep us feeling well nourished when our appetite fades. Steaming hot and sweetened with immune-boosting raw honey, it clears the sinuses and coats a sore throat. Iced-down it makes a great fever-quencher, and we dose our water bottles with it to stay energised.

Food Pairing

A potent, slightly sweet-sour palate. It is nourishing on its own and incredibly versatile with all food, particularly Asian cuisine.


Rich in antioxidants, it provides Defence and helps reduce inflammation & bloating and aids in detoxification.


Ginger, rose, ginkgo, cardamon, lemongrass, turmeric, rosehip, lemon myrtle, hibiscus & paw paw leaf.

Brewing Guide
  • 1tsp/250 ml
  • 95-100 degrees Celsius
  • 3-5 mins