Fragrant Earl Grey - Black Tea



Fall in love with our oh-so-smooth Earl Grey. Drift, with each delicious sip, to the Calabrian coast of Italy and lavender fields of Provence where Bergamot citrus, the signature scent of this heavenly blend, abounds. It takes more than 100 Bergamot citrus to yield just three ounces of its precious essence, coveted for fine French perfume. We’ve spared no expense in crafting this blend, a floral bouquet of Bergamot, wild orange, lemon zest and French lavender, with a generous scattering of blue cornflower petals.

Food Pairing

A smooth and aromatic accompaniment for French macaron, Italian biscotti, classic scones and sweet or savoury afternoon tea. A honey golden liquor with heavenly citrus, bergamot and lavender aromas, well rounded flavour and added zest from wild orange, lemon rind and lingering lavender.


Fragrant Earl Grey Black Tea is Rich in antioxidants, helps improve digestion and immune boosting.


Ceylon black tea, orange peel, lemon peel, bergamot, lavender, cornflower petals.

Brewing Guide
  • 1tsp/250 ml
  • 95-100 degrees Celsius
  • 1-2 mins