Good Night Tea - Herbal Tea



We swear by this bedtime treat for a restful night’s sleep. Enjoy a pleasing combination of refreshing peppermint leaves and pretty petals that dance as the water swirls into your teapot. Savour tantalising scents of ripe paw paw, fresh lemon, soothing chamomile, heather flowers and delicate rose, gently rising from your teacup when stirred. Make it a ritual indulgence that’s relaxing in itself and will send you off to dreamland, one contented sip after another.

Food Pairing

A brew to add to the delight of after dinner mint-chocolate or simply savour as you wind down at night, with no need of accompaniment.

Night Tea Benefits

Calming & soothing remedy, that helps ease bloating & inflammation.


Peppermint, lemon, paw paw leaves, chamomile, st johns wort, heather flowers & rose petals.

Brewing Guide
  • 1tsp/250 ml
  • 95-100 degrees Celsius
  • 3-5 mins