Jasmine Pearls - Green Tea



We love that every addictive pearl of this heavenly-scented Jasmine Pearls tea is individually formed with the finesse you’d expect of fine jewellery. First the Green tea is laid out to dry between layers of Jasmine buds, at midnight the flowers bloom and release their heady scent infusing the tea with the scent of balmy Summer evenings. For six days, the leaves are meticulously separated out each morning, dried and layered with fresh buds, then individually hand rolled into balls. All for the sensory magic of perfectly whirled pearls unfurling in your teapot, releasing other worldly aromas.

Food Pairing

Fresh berries and citrus-fruits will amplify the relaxing qualities of this antioxidant-rich tea which finds a strong affinity with coconut flavours and savoury pastries. Comforting floral notes with musky tenacity, dewy character, mellow flavours and lightly honeyed finish.


Rich in antioxidants, helps promote healthy skin and immune boosting.


Premium quality Jasmine Pearls Green tea blended with the finest jasmine flowers.

Also known as “Dragon Pearls” and “Buddha Tears”.

Brewing Guide
  • 1tsp/250 ml
  • 70-80 degrees Celsius
  • 3-5 mins